Open PDF File: What is PDF and How to Open PDF File

What is PDF and How to Open PDF File? PDF is a Portable Document Format that contains an electronic image of text and graphics. The image on the file looks like a printed document, and open a pdf file on different devices using some software. Check details on how to open other Open ZIP File.

open pdf file

PDFs primary purpose is to present a universal file format across different operating systems. PDF files preserve their original quality. The data are readable in Mac, Windows, or even Android Operating systems. You can also see the result of the PDF file on the computer precisely as the final print.

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How to open PDF Files on Various Operating Systems

With different ways to open a pdf document, the operating systems below describe how you can view PDF files using each of them:

Windows 10: Since the introduction of the Microsoft Edge browser, users can now view PDF files by double-clicking on them from the browser. The PDF viewing functionality added to the Microsoft Edge browser is the leading new feature on the browser.

If you don’t use the Microsoft Edge browser to open a PDF file, download the Adobe Acrobat reader and use it to open and view PDF files. Two ways to open PDF without using the Microsoft Edge browser.

 Open Using Adobe Acrobat reader.

  1. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader then opens the PDF reader program.
  2. On the top left the side of the window, select the file from the menu, then click choose Open.
  3. Locate the PDF to open
  4. Click on the Open button to view your PDF.

Open via Windows Explorer 

  1. Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC
  2. Launch Windows Explorer.
  3. Locate the file to view.
  4. Once you Double click on the file, make sure Adobe Acrobat Reader is running, and your data will automatically open for you to view the file.

Open PDFs Using Different OS

MAC OS X: Mac OS X is a built-in PDF file viewing functionality through its Preview App. To open the PDF file, double click on the local file in the Finder or the downloaded file via browser.

The utility allows the Preview app to let you open and view the document. The preview app only allows basic PDF viewing functionality, and you cannot make any changes. Therefore, it won’t display interactive content like hyperlinks and videos.  

iOS : iOS allows the user to open, view, sign, and mark PDF files by the use of a built-in pre-installed Book application by Apple. In any case that this application is missing in your device, you can always download it via Apple Store.

Android: Android does not pre-install PDF viewing functionality like iOS. You can download more applications from the Google Play store and do the same job. Adobe Acrobat Reader also has a mobile version for Android and iOS users to open PDF files on their mobile devices.

Open PDFs online

You can view your PDFs online using your browser and get the same results. The inbuilt PDF viewer can also set as a default on your browser

  • Launch Chrome 
  • In the open window, at the upper right corner of the window, Select More then Settings
  • Click on Advanced Settings at the bottom.
  • Under “Privacy,” select Content settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom, below the “PDF Documents,” then uncheck the option that states “Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer.” 

Open PDF File: Conclusion

PDF files can contain different information and documents. It is because PDF files are a standard format worldwide. Use PDF to distribute bulky materials. Please give us your suggestions or questions on the comment box down below.

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